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Delta Goodrem (born 9 November 1984) is a multi ARIA Award winning Australian singer-songwriter. Signed to Sony at the age of 15.
She is one of the highest selling Australian female recording artists of all time. Delta has since released three multi-platinum #1 albums and currently holds the record for the highest selling album of the last decade. Her highly anticipated fourth album 'Child of the Universe' is out now.

Music Releases

Child Of The Universe Child Of The Universe
Released: October 26, 2012
iTunes - Sanity - JB Hi-Fi

Christmas Christmas - EP
Released: December 15, 2012
Sanity - JB Hi-Fi -

Christmas Heart Hypnotic
Released: June 17th,2013
iTunes -
10 Year Anniversary Release Innocent Eyes Ten Year Anniversary Acoustic Edition
Released: November 29th,2013
iTunes - Sanity - JB Hi-Fi -


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Delta Goodrem is stunning :)


Delta Goodrem is stunning :)

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Story behind Not Me Not I & Predictable.

Innocent Eyes Ten Year Anniversary BTS

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#musicmonday. Touch (acoustic version) from the album Child Of The Universe. #deltagoodrem @deltagoodrem

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''Find your guiding inspiration
In a place where dreams are made
With a lifetime’s preparation
It’s no time to be afraid
Put our differences behind us
While we shine like the sun
See what we’ve all become
Together we are one''

Together We Are One - Delta Goodrem (via heartbeatsandlyrics)
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